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Pablo Sandoval Shoulder Injury Continues To Baffle Doctors, Will Be Re-Examined In Two Weeks

By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Ever seen The Exorcist? Part of what makes it arguably the scariest movie of all time is that doctors only get more and more baffled by Linda Blair's bizarre health problems, which turn out to be just a simple demonic possession. The terror and despair build in confluence with each other to a hair-raising crescendo.

That's how the mysterious injury to Pablo Sandoval's shoulder is beginning to feel. The Red Sox third baseman sought a second opinion with Dr. James Andrews, who is sort of like the Angel of Death for baseball players, but was reportedly too sore to even have a complete examination. He will return for another examination in two weeks, a source told Scott Lauber of ESPN.

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What is keeping Sandoval from being able to get a proper diagnosis of his injury? Shoulder expert Dr. Joshua Dines told the Boston Herald that Sandoval's ostensibly extreme soreness could be the result of "frozen shoulder," a condition characterized by a complete loss of motion that is typically brought about by recent trauma but could come out of nowhere.

"I'm just going to see what happened," Sandoval said before visiting Dr. Andrews. "What's the opinion? How can I get back as soon as possible? I just want to know what's going on in there."

At this point, everyone wants to know what's going on inside Sandoval's shoulder, but the fact that even Dr. Andrews couldn't make a proper diagnosis is disturbing. Hopefully Dr. Andrews doesn't return to that exam room in two weeks and sees this...


It might not be time to call the priests just yet, but it could be time to start praying that Sandoval delivers any kind of tangible value to the Red Sox this season.

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