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No arrests after late night drag racing "invasion" in Boston's Back Bay

Overnight drag racing in Boston worries and disturbs residents
Overnight drag racing in Boston worries and disturbs residents 02:35

BOSTON - Police say a group of people were drag racing in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, disturbing residents in the early morning hours on Sunday.

"A targeted invasion"

"This was like a targeted invasion," Back Bay resident Ron Lecours said. 

Boston Police say this happened at 2:15 a.m. on Sunday in at least three different spots on Marlborough Street. As many as 40 cars were drag racing down one way streets and doing donuts at several intersections. 

"It looked coordinated joy ride spectacle they were involved in," Lecours said. 

Suena Massey lives nearby and saw it all unfold from her window.

"I opened the window and belted with a waft of burning rubber smell. I looked down and saw the donuts being done and driving up the street the wrong way very fast," Massey said.

Police said when they arrived, onlookers blocked streets and threw fireworks and glass bottles at them.

"Can't be blocking off streets" 

"It's not good. It's not great. It shouldn't happen. The biggest problem was the difficulty the police had getting here. I think that was the biggest problem. You can't be blocking off streets," Back Bay resident Grace Manozzi said. 

Speaking at an Earth Day event in Boston, Mayor Michelle Wu said police did get license plate information of more than 40 different vehicles. Right now, it's unclear who was involved or their ages.  

"Seems to be a range of folks participating and including many from out of state as well, so we will be reaching out and particularly focusing on that area. But thinking about how to work with community all around the city," Mayor Wu said.

Massey hopes whoever is responsible to think twice before engaging in this activity again.  

"Most importantly, loss of life is the worst to drivers and pedestrians. There were individuals standing really close to the cars, watching, and could've easily been hit," Massey said. 

Police are investigating, and so far, no arrests have been made.

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