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Over/Under: Can The Red Sox Push The Astros To 4-5 Games?

BOSTON (CBS) -- How long will the Red Sox go against the Astros in the American League Division Series? And how much will Red Sox fans get to see David Price come out of the bullpen?

The Sox dominated Tuesday's "Over/Under" on The Game of Jones, as Adam Jones and Nick Cattles went over some of the hottest topics ahead of a busy Thursday night in Boston sports. With the Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins all slated to play, all three teams popped up.

The over/unders, and Jones' answers, are below.

Patriots voted to All-Pro team: Over/Under 3.5

"The way Brady's started, Brady's gotta be an All-Pro. I think Gronk, as long as he's healthy, is always in the mix. He's gotta be an All-Pro," said Jones. "After that? I don't see one. I'd like to tell you Malcolm Butler is that kind of player, but no way. ... I will take the under on that number."

David Price appearances against the Astros: Over/Under 1.5

"I think you have to go over that," said Jones. "I would assume the Red Sox probably win at least a game. ... I do expect [Chris] Sale to pitch at a really high level on Thursday. You have to imagine Price won't pitch in that game, so Game 2's the first realistic game to get Price in there. I say he's probably over that number, but if the Red Sox get swept, it's gonna get close. I'll still go over."

Points allowed by Patriots defense against Buccaneers: Over/Under 32.5

"I will take under that number," said Jones. "Baby steps. They will take baby steps. I won't be surprised if [Jameis] Winston and that offense is in the high 20's - they might even get into the low 30's. But I think the one thing that still holds Tampa back and holds Winston back [is] turnovers. For how bad the Patriots defense has been ... I think they're gonna force some turnovers on Thursday."

Bruins wins in first five games: Over/Under Red Sox wins against Astros

"I will take the Bruins over, because I'm not even sure the Red Sox win a game against Houston," said Jones.

Number of games Red Sox and Astros go: Over/Under 3.5

"I just blew my cover on that one. I spoiled it. I'll say over," said Jones. "I do think the Red Sox win a game and, I'm not totally ruling them out to win the series. I like that all the pressure is on Houston and hardly any of it is on the Red Sox."

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