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Over/Under: Who Will Win More Playoff Games, Red Sox Or Patriots?

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Red Sox are still looking for their first postseason win since 2013. But even if it comes this season, will they win more playoff games than Tom Brady and the Patriots?

That was the lead topic on a Game of Jones Tuesday on the Adam Jones Show. Listen above as Jones and Nick Cattles go through some over/unders, with the questions and Jones' answers below.

Red Sox playoff wins: Over/under Patriots playoff wins

"I'm going to take under," said Jones. "I just don't feel good about the Red Sox advancing in the postseason. So what are they going to win, a game? Maybe two? I don't feel great about the Patriots winning the whole thing, but I feel a lot better about the Patriots winning multiple games in the postseason than the Red Sox right now."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Red Sox second baseman Dustin Perdoia. (Photo by Jared Wickerham, Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Home runs Rick Porcello allows in playoffs: Over/under homers Red Sox hit in playoffs

"Over!" exclaimed Jones. "One guy allows a million home runs, the other team doesn't hit any. That one should be so easy. That one's a no-brainer. The only question is, is Porcello in the rotation or not? ... If he starts a game, over for Porcello."

Rick Porcello #22 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Brandin Cooks average yards per catch: Over/under 19.9

"I hope it's under and I think it's gonna be under," said Jones. "If he's gonna average 25 yards a catch that means they really are only giving it to him on deep shots. Look, he's getting the yards after the catch. He's racking that up too. I'd like to see them use him in different ways."

Brandin Cooks
Brandin Cooks (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Glasses of water you could drink in a day: Over/under 15.5

"I think I'm over," said Jones. "I could go over 15.5 if I had to."

Tom Brady in his new book, "The TB12 Method." (Image credit: Simon & Schuster)

Maximum tweet length: Over/under 140 characters

"I like it just like it is. I guess I'll say under. Give me 139 then," said Jones. "I certainly don't think they should go to 280. I pride myself in limiting myself to 140 characters."



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