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Over/Under: Will The New-Look Celtics Win Over 56 Games?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Assuming the Kyrie Irving trade goes through, the Celtics will have a new-look roster with a chance to improve upon their 53 wins last season. But could they push for closer to 60?

That was the lead topic for an Over/Under Tuesday on The Game of Jones, which also covered the Red Sox' base running woes and the Patriots' top pass-catchers without Julian Edelman.

The over/unders, and Adam Jones and Nick Cattles' answers, are below:

Celtics wins in the 2017-18 season: 56.5

"I will take under that number," said Jones. "56.5 feels like a big number. ... I think 55 feels about right, so I'm not saying 56.5 is crazy, that just feels high."

Giancarlo Stanton total home runs: 61.5

"I'm going over. He's been unbelievable," said Jones. "Obviously with Giancarlo Stanton an injury is always looming. But with a month to go - and I understand he'll probably cool off with how red-hot he's been in August - I think he beats out the [Roger] Maris number [of 61]."

Highest catch total by a single Patriots player: 75

"I'll take the over, and I'll tell you that Gronk is probably that guy," said Jones. "I feel good about Gronk playing all year. I feel good about Gronk being highly productive all year, especially because he's incentivized to do so."

Wins by Maria Sharapova in the U.S. Open: 3.5

"I'll take the over, meaning I think she gets into what, the round of 16? Quarterfinals?" said Jones "She was the second-lowest seed. ... I think Sharapova goes on a run. She probably doesn't win the whole thing, but I think over on 3.5."

Outs the Red Sox run into for the rest of the season: 15

"I'm taking way over that number. Way over!" said Jones. "If they have games where they can get thrown out two, three, four times in a game, they're gonna smash that thing. Way, way over on 15 for the rest of the year."

Listen to the full podcast above!


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