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Out-Of-State Crews Helping To Remove Snow In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - How many ways to remove snow in Boston. Front end loaders with crews from Connecticut, the National Guard hitting the neighborhoods, and two giant snow melters borrowed from New York city melting 350 tons an hour at a snow farm in South Boston.

"I can't see anybody, they can't walk, you can't drive, somebody has to do something about it," said Shan Mohiudein commuting home to Boston's South End neighborhood.

Boston is trying to import help from everywhere, especially with another storm on the horizon. "People are jumping from behind snow banks," said Mayor Marty Walsh. "We are looking at how we can take down those snow banks."

Snow banks are so high that removal crews can barely pile on any more snow. They're working the intersections so cars can see into the street and pedestrians can see them.

"It's like an obstacle course. You have to cross further into the street, it makes it difficult," said pedestrian Kat Racazak.

Even removing the snow is challenging with traffic and foot traffic to contend with. Patrick Humphrey with the Massachusetts National Guard says it can take as long as two hours to clear one intersection as they work around the clock.

With snow farms near capacity, Boston is looking for more space which will keep the melters operating at capacity. Mayor Walsh says there's even more urgency heading into the weekend.

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