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Stranded Dog Owes Life To Quick Thinking Canine Companion

BOSTON (CBS) – Jacques and Annabelle are two Scottish terriers who have been friends for life. And now Annabelle owes her life to Jacques.

On Tuesday the elderly owner of the dogs had a medical issue. During the confusion, the canines ran off into the woods.

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Orange Police Officer Chris Bisceglia found Jacques, but Annabelle was missing. Then Jacques sent a message rescuers right to Annabelle, just like a real-life Lassie.

"He'd bark. He'd come toward me and then he'd run away. And he continued to do this," Bisceglia said.

"I got close enough and I ended up hearing the female terrier was down the embankment stuck on a downed tree and she was trapped surrounded by water. And it was all ice, a steep embankment so she  couldn't get back up."

Once they found Annabelle, fire rescue crews scooped her up safe and sound. And they couldn't have done it without Jacques.

Animal Control Officer Jennifer Arsenault says he deserves all the credit.

"It doesn't surprise me. Especially dogs that have been together for a long time, they become very bonded with each other and they're very intelligent," she said. "People don't give dogs half the credit they deserve."

Both dogs are fine, staying with animal control until their master is well enough to return to her home.

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