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Online Dating For Those Over 50

BOSTON (CBS) - The boomers and those individuals just over 50 are getting a lot of attention from financial companies, retirement housing companies, and certainly AARP, which is looking to swell its ranks with the boomers.

But when I recently got a press release from AARP about a new service they are offering I took notice. AARP has joined the online dating services. They debuted their new dating website, AARP Dating powered by HowAboutWe. HowAboutWe has currently over 1 million members and has been around for several years now.

HowAboutWe is ramping up the content on its new dating channel and launching the AARP Dating Boot Camp to encourage older singles to share dating tales and lessons in an effort to help them find someone.

Online dating, at any age, can be intimidating. Running through February 28th, AARP Online Dating will offer dating tips and advice and encourage members to get back into the dating scene. The goal of the Dating Boot Camp is to help older singles dateoffline and in person.

And I found more senior dating sites. has been around over a year and is part of the family. It is geared for singles who are looking for all types of relationships, including marriage, travel companionship and just a pen pal.

The website launched in 2011 after the company researched the preferences of older folks looking for companionship online. is part of the Spark network of dating sites. It has been around for 10 years and claims to be the premier online community for seniors. is a place for those over 50. It's partnered up with and as well as

I have researched every site I have mentioned. And the one thing that struck me is how bad some of the photos are. If you are going to try online dating use a good picture, something candid showing you doing something you love if possible. And not one that is 10 years old. And not a group photo!

In your profile be honest, but there is no need to share the dark secrets of your soul. There is lots of help on the dating sites about how to write a profile. Have your friends critique it for you.

Have patience, you won't score the minute you sign up. Have fun and be safe. My rule after doing this research: No one comes to your home on the first few dates. You meet them somewhere and you drive yourself to the meeting place.

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