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Massachusetts COVID Cases On Steep Downward Trend, According To Latest Data

BOSTON (CBS) - Massachusetts released its COVID-19 data on Tuesday for the first time in five days following a long holiday weekend.

On the surface, it showed more than 56,000 new COVID cases reported over the few days. But a closer look at the information reveals that COVID-19 trends in Massachusetts have taken a steep turn for the better.

"New cases that come in are getting added to dates that have passed long ago," Dr. Shira Doron of Tufts Medical Center explained. "Cases are attributed to the date on which the test was performed. So, the dates you are no longer looking at are getting higher but the newer dates are lower."

Instead, a look at the 7-day case total reveals a steep decline, showing that the Omicron surge likely peaked in Massachusetts around January 8 or 9.

COVID 1/18
(Image credit Mass DPH)

"Seven days worth of going down, that's pretty real," said Dr. Doron. "That's pretty real. That's pretty good news. I like it a lot."

Massachusetts wastewater data has revealed what experts call an "ice pick curve," or a sharp trend downward in COVID cases. Dr. Doron says this is now being reflected in our actual case counts, revealing a promising direction for the winter Omicron surge that has caused unprecedented case numbers.

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