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Old Shipwreck Resurfaces On Maine Beach After Nor'easter

YORK, Maine (CBS) - The recent nor'easter brought up a relic from the past on a York beach: the remains of an old shipwreck.

According to York Police, the old wooden ship was buried at Short Sands Beach, and resurfaced on the beach after Friday's storm.

Shipwreck on York, Maine beach
This old shipwreck resurfaced on beach in York, Maine after the recent storm. (Photo: York Police Department)

"Every once in a while after a storm, the ocean moves enough sand for it to be seen. Thought you might like to see it," the police department said in a Facebook post.

According to The York Weekly, people have been flocking to the beach to see the skeletal shipwreck, which appears periodically after a significant coastal storm. First seen in 1958, the last time the shipwreck appeared was in 2013.

The newspaper reports that the shipwreck dates back to the Revolutionary War era.

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