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New Hampshire's 'Old Man of the Mountain' re-appears - in ice form

"Old Man of the Mountain" returns in ice form
"Old Man of the Mountain" returns in ice form 00:25

NORTH CONWAY, N.H. - The Old Man of the Mountain lives again - in ice form - nearly 20 years after crumbling to the ground.

The Mount Washington Observatory on Friday morning shared a photo of rime ice that resembled the iconic New Hampshire landmark. They say a summer summit volunteer named Ken was looking at one of the observatory's webcams and noticed the resemblance. 

The original rock profile was on Cannon Mountain in Franconia and collapsed on May 3, 2003. 

"It looks like a younger version with a full head of hair!" commenter Kevin Wood posted to Facebook.

Rime ice is made up of supercooled water droplets that freeze when they come into contact with an object. The structures are shaped by the direction of the wind.  

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