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Ochocinco Sends Twitter Follower To Playoff Game Against Broncos

BOSTON (CBS) – A young man in a small Florida town is packing his bags for Foxboro, and thanking Chad Ochocinco for a ticket to the big game against the Broncos Saturday night.

After a friendly back-and-forth on Twitter, the Patriots wide receiver decided to pick-up the tab for the whole trip.

Victor Gonzalez, a Florida college student, has been tweeting the NFL's social media king for two years, only to be lost amomg Ochocinco's three million followers.

Until Sunday.

Victor's tweet drew a rather speedy response from him.

Ochocinco offered Victor a flight, hotel room and a ticket for this weekend's playoff game against the Broncos.

He pledged Victor a phone call with all the details, but over the next 72 hours, nothing.

Just a couple of weeks ago, though, Ochocinco bought dinner and chowed down with a group of local college kids who reached out to him on Twitter.

So why not Victor?

Sure enough, his cell phone rang Wednesday night.

Ochocinco promised it's a done deal.

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