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Parishioners Save Man Who Had Heart Attack During Sunday Mass

WRENTHAM (CBS) - Entering Thanksgiving week, a loving local family is hoping to find a mystery parishioner. "The doctors at Brigham and Women's told me if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be here right now," the patient's brother said.

In the middle of saying her prayers Sunday morning, she'd answer theirs - saving their 75-year-old brother and uncle.

"I found out he was at mass at St Mary's in Wrentham. He'd collapsed in church. There was a nurse behind him who immediately started CPR," the patient's brother said.

Other nurses jumped in to help her. And then Wrentham Police quickly arrived and took over chest compressions.

"Dave Clifton is an instructor for police officers for a very long time. He does our yearly in service. These skills are perishable. You need to practice as often as you can," said Wrentham Police Officer Scott Ellis.

"Within minutes the fire department showed up. They have more fun of a medical background than we do. It was a great save," said Wrentham Police Officer Derick Cassidy.

Rushed to Norwood Hospital and then the Brigham, the patient is still in very serious condition in the cardiac intensive care unit. But he has a lot of love around him.

"I have a 10-year-old who is asking about him around the clock. 'Tell him I love him. Give him a kiss for me,' - the little ones. He's grumpy! But these little kids love him to death and he's a really loyal uncle and friend," said the patient's niece.

His family wants more time with him, made possible by great care, starting with those nurses.

"With so much bad things going on in this world, people should know about people who help people and reach out, when they don't have to," the man's brother said.

The priest saying mass came to Norwood Hospital but the patient had already been taken to Boston. The pastor of Saint Mary's told WBZ he knows who these Good Samaritan nurses are, and looks forward to connecting the family with them.

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