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Nurses Ask Public To Honor Them By Social Distancing On National Nurses Day

BOSTON (CBS) - An army of nurses crossed Cambridge Street during lunch hour at Massachusetts General Hospital Wednesday. "Every day I go into work, and I feel like I'm doing good work," one nurse said. "I try to, and getting the acknowledgement is awesome."

They were there for the free bagged lunches Harvard Gardens restaurant distributed to the nurses in honor of National Nurses Day.
"Stressful, definitely stressful, and I know that everyone has been very tense," said Margaux Dockerty.

"This too shall pass is a really good thing that we've kind of been repeating," added nursing student Candace Lombardi. "I think that every day is not going to be this bad."

Normally, National Nurses Day means a "thank you", maybe some flowers or colorful signs. This year, the Massachusetts Nurses Association is asking for something different. The union distributed a collection of video messages from nurses at different hospitals across the state.

"This year we are asking you to continue taking every possible step to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please follow social distancing guidelines," they said. "The fewer people become infected, the better we can care for patients. At this critical moment, we need your help more than ever."

It's a message that was echoed back at Mass General Hospital, as nurses who were outside took a moment to look up and take in a spectacular military fly-over.

"They thank us. I say, I thank you for doing your part, staying home social distancing," said nurse Karen Quinn. "That's what makes it all happen."


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