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November Project Gets Thousands In Shape For Free

BOSTON (CBS) - What started as an idea one November night in a bar has quickly turned into a revolution in the workout world.

It's called the November Project and it has thousands getting in shape all around the country.

The free program was born in Boston and is a mix of hard core workouts and community.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday hundreds of people show up to various spots around town to get their sweat on.

The day we visited, the group was at Harvard Stadium.  Co-founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric spent an hour yelling, screaming and hugging hundreds of strangers as they scaled the steps of the stadium at 7 a.m.

November Project
Hundreds scale the steps at Harvard Stadium. (Photo courtesy: November Project-Facebook)

Every time Graham or Mandaric  rang a cowbell, every participant had to stop wherever they were, drop and give five perfect push ups.

They started the group in November 2011 as a way to work out, but thanks to social media and word of mouth, they now have hundreds doing the workout too.

"We were hanging in a bar and decided on Monday morning we are gonna wake up and start working out and use everything the city has to offer as our playground," Mandaric told WBZ-TV.

"It was very overwhelming, lots of people, but exciting. The energy is awesome!" said one first time participant.

This isn't just a workout.  The founders wanted to bring together strangers in the city they love.

"This community thing we have created breaks down barriers, whether it's bouncing around for the warm up or high-fiving or hugging it out. It's a fun space where they can talk to strangers" says Graham.

It is redefining the group workout.

They don't charge a dime and they promise they never will.

"Its hard to beat when you have hundreds waking up to be a part and not call this the proudest thing we are doing," said Mandaric.

The November Project has expanded to 17 cities, including Los Angeles, Denver, and New Orleans.

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