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Walpole, Norwood Among Towns That Hit Snow 'Jackpot' With Over 13"

NORWOOD (CBS) -- Norwood and Walpole were each hit with over a foot of snow on Friday. Both towns received 13.5".

Westwood was the only town with more, getting 14.5" on Friday.

There were snow banks stacked up in parking lots, and snow removal crews and residents were up early doing some heavy lifting.

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In Norwood, clean-up crews did not take a break all morning.

"Sometimes you get nothing, and sometimes you get a jackpot," said Chris Joseph of the Norwood Department of Public Works. "I'm out here if there is one inch, 36 inches, or 96 inches."

Joseph cleared a path through the Town Common on Friday morning.

"[The snow is] very light today. On other storms, it has been heavier," said Joseph, who has been shoveling for the DPH for 32 years.

Mark Ryan, the Norwood Director of Public Works, says he feels like the town is a magnet for snow.

"We got a couple things going on. We've got the low-area valley near the airport, and then you got the high areas near the high school and cemetery. So you got to think that plays into something that allows us to get these great rates of snow here," said Ryan.

Paul Flanagan, manager of the Norwood Sport Center, struggled to get the sidewalk clear enough for candlepin bowling. The bowling alley is opening three hours later than usual.

"They keep clearing the streets, and it keeps getting plowed in again," Flanagan said.

But what felt inconvenient to some felt so much lighter to the kids who received day off from school and went sledding.

"We're sliding on our bellies like penguins," said one girl who was sledding.

Residents in both towns said the roads were slippery, but the one positive was there wasn't a lot of traffic.

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