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Norwood Couple Counting Down The Seconds Until Christmas

NORWOOD (CBS) - This is no Halloween trick, a family in Norwood already has a big, bright display on their house counting down the seconds until Christmas.

Meet Pete Hatch and Cyndi Polvado -- a couple crazy for Christmas. The couple found the countdown projector on clearance last year and actually wanted to put it up right away in January.

"We love Christmas, we love talking about Christmas, I don't care that it's October 3rd," Pete Hatch told WBZ-TV.

Christmas countdown
Countdown to Christmas on house in Norwood (WBZ-TV)

Since the device only counts down from 90 days, they had to wait until late September to unveil it. "I love all the decorations, I love all the Christmas music," Cyndi said.

The reaction from Norwood neighbors has been a little 'bah humbug,' but nothing can dampen their holiday spirit.

"Nobody really commented that they enjoyed it," Pete said. "The only comments we got were from people who thought it was too soon."

Pete Hatch
Cyndi Polvado and Pete Hatch (WBZ-TV)

The rest of the family's fake Christmas trees may be up sooner than later, but they'll wait to cut down their real tree until after Thanksgiving like everyone else.

"We feel like we can be excited about both holidays. We love Thanksgiving also. Our house is decorated for the fall. But we're also really excited about Christmas," Pete says.

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