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Half-Brothers Charged With Norwood Break-Ins Suspected In Similar Crimes

NORWOOD (CBS) – Norwood Police have charged two half-brothers who they say broke into cars to steal and use credit cards in towns around Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

On Monday, Norwood Police posted surveillance photos from a gym where two men allegedly stole keys from the locker room. The men were accused of using the keys to unlock a car in the parking lot, stealing a wallet and going on a spending spree using the victim's credit card.

The photos of the men were shared close to 2,000 times.

Norwood theft
Surveillance image of theft suspects (Norwood PD photo)

Within a half hour of the Facebook post, police received a tip identifying one of the suspects as John Fisher, 40, of Taunton.

In total, police say five callers identified Fisher as one of the two men in the photo.

In the meantime, Fall River police arrested John Root, 28, of Taunton on an outstanding warrant.

While making the arrest, Fall River officers recognized Root from the photo and alerted Norwood Police.

Root and Fisher are half-brothers.

According to Norwood Police, Root and Fisher have committed similar crimes throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but departments had not yet been able to identify them.

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