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Police investigate possible link between armed robberies in Norwell, Quincy

Norwell, Quincy police investigate armed robberies at convenience stores
Norwell, Quincy police investigate armed robberies at convenience stores 02:26

NORWELL - Police in Norwell and Quincy are investigating if three suspects are behind two frightening armed robberies and a chaotic crash.

The first armed robbery was reported at 4:18 a.m. Wednesday from the 7-Eleven located at 95 Washington Street in Norwell.   

The terrifying moments were caught on surveillance video and showed the three masked men bust into the store, display two handguns and demand cash from the clerk as he was closing up the register.

The clerk told WBZ, it was the first time in seven years as a clerk he had a gun pulled to his head.

"I was thinking this is the end"

"I just praise God, they didn't shoot me," said Mohamed the clerk. "Anything can happen, all you're thinking about is he's going to pull the trigger because some of them will take the money and kill you. I was thinking this is the end of Mohamed."

Mohamed said the entire robbery lasted seconds.

Norwell robbery
A gunman holds up a clerk at gunpoint at a 7-Eleven in Norwell Norwell Police

"I just gave everything to them and surrendered my hand, so they took all the money, gun on my head, I was shaking. When they were leaving, they said, 'if you follow us, we will kill you,'" said Mohamed.

Then a few minutes later at 4:38 a.m. in Quincy, police believe the same suspects in the same distinctive clothes are seen on video walking towards the 7-Eleven at 76 Franklin St.

Another 7-Eleven robbed in Quincy  

Another clerk was robbed at gunpoint. Investigators say the suspects ran away and took off in a blue Hyundai.

Police said an officer tried to stop the suspect car, but it sped away then crashed into a fire hydrant and took out a telephone pole.

The noise startled Brian Sheehy as he left for work early in the morning.

"I heard the car like flying up the street, like you can hear a car when they're going really fast," said Sheehy. "Flew by and a police car right behind them, ran right through a stop sign and hit the building."

Detectives say the three suspects ditched the crash scene and possibly stole a car near the chaotic scene.

"You're not expecting something like that, I'm like 'oh Jesus,'" said Sheehy.

Now detectives are trying to figure out if the same trio is behind the wild crime spree, while Mohamed is still too rattled to go to work.

"I'm telling people to pay attention, especially we the overnight people who work at the store, police have to be around that area there," said Mohamed.

The incidents are currently under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Norwell Police Department. 

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