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Driver Not Hurt After Utility Pole Falls On Car In Norwell During Storm

NORWELL (CBS) -- A Hanover man endured a particularly terrifying drive through the snow storm Sunday night. Stephen Ryerson was on Longwater Drive in Norwell when three utility poles came crashing down around him, one hitting his SUV.

"From there, I tried to turn out of the way the best I could. I can't believe I made it through it," said Ryerson.

The I.T. specialist for Hanover Public Schools captured the frightening moment on his dash-cam.

"I say every second matters and it really does in this case. From the time the pole hit the car and watching it come down. I was just like 'awhh,'" Ryerson said.

Stephen Ryerson (WBZ-TV)

Ryerson told WBZ the pole narrowly missed the car in front of him and he tried to swerve to avoid it himself.

Besides being shaken up, Ryerson walked away unharmed. But he's concerned about the safety of others now."What if it wasn't me? What if it was anybody else? A school bus," Ryerson said.

A transformer is on fire right behind Stephen Ryerson's car (Photo Via Stephen Ryerson)

Now, he would like to personally thank the woman who he said saved his life. "I didn't see it at the time, but there was a fire behind my car. She got out of her car. She opened my door and at her own expense, without knowing what could happen. I'm very grateful for her and being there and being just here today."

Deputy Chief Jeff Simpson, of the Norwell Fire Department, says the incident was a "freak situation." If this ever happens to you, he recommends, "You stay put and call 9-1-1."

Meanwhile, the down poles forced 105 customers, including a nearby school, to go without power overnight. National Grid said the poles have been repaired. It's unclear what caused the poles to come down.

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