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Northern Lights Dazzle In New England Skies

FRANCONIA, N.H.(CBS) -- The Northern Lights lit up the sky across New England on Monday night, putting on quite a show for stargazers.

Photos: Northern Lights Set New England Skies Aglow

The aurora borealis could be seen much farther south than usual thanks to a severe solar storm that hit the Earth.

Northern Lights
Another shot of the Northern Lights in Franconia (Photo credit Vath Sok)

WBZ-TV viewer Vath Sok decided to make the trip from Woburn to Franconia, New Hampshire in hopes of catching the light display, and was able to take pictures of the green and pink glow in the sky.

The Northern lights could even be seen on Cape Cod, where viewer Chris Dumas captured a time lapse video in Sandwich.

Mount Washington offered a particularly spectacular view of the lights from an elevation of more than 6,000 feet.

You can share photos of the Northern Lights here.



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