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Northeastern Student Hopes To Offer Different Perspective Of Coronavirus

BOSTON (CBS) - As the death toll tops 1,800 worldwide, one Northeastern University student hopes to offer a different perspective of the coronavirus.

"I saw all the U.S. media talking about the Wuhan isolating, all the people infected by the coronavirus, but no one cares about how the residents live there," said Yushu Tian.

Yushu posted a video to a student-run online magazine called the Global Observer showing the empty streets, closed storefronts and nervousness of the people living in Wuhan.

The magazine's editor said they wanted to shift people's perception of China from fear to empathy.

"Hearing their stories, for me and a lot of other students, makes it much easier to empathize and to not make stereotypes," said Northeastern student Ha Minh Ta.

"It's OK if people are always worried about how many people are dead, like what's going on there, but it would be nice if people could see that life is going on there," said Yushu Tian.

Yushu graduated from a Wuhan university before enrolling at Northeastern. She leaves behind several friends in China and says although there are a lot of unknowns, there's also hope.

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