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Police Seek Man Who Entered Northbridge Home While Children Were Inside

NORTHBRIDGE (CBS) – Police are searching for a man who allegedly entered a Northbridge home Sunday afternoon while a family was at home and a 1-year-old was asleep inside.

He acted as if there's nothing unusual about approaching a stranger's home on a Saturday afternoon, and walking right in. "It's bizarre, it's unsettling," said Tarah Schweitzer, whose Ring security camera caught footage of a man entering her Northbridge home Sunday.

Schweitzer was in the backyard assembling a swing set with her husband and some visitors. Their young kids were inside, including her seven-year-old daughter, who assumed the man was with the group visiting. "She didn't make eye contact with him, but she noticed his shoes when she walked past him two times," said Schweitzer.

You can't see the shoes in the video, but the description is memorable. "They were camo Crocs, so green and black crocks with like pizza and hot sauce and cookies, those little charms that you stick on the crocks," said Schweitzer.

He's also seen with several bracelets, and police say there's a tattoo on the man's right arm.

A man who entered a Northbridge home. (Image Credit: Northbridge Police)

"He might have been, who knows, meeting somebody on a dating site or something like that, and picked the wrong house. If that's the case, just let us know," said Northbridge Police Chief Timothy Labrie.

The stranger is seen leaving empty-handed 16 minutes after he arrived. "Sixteen minutes is a long time to just be at the wrong place," said Schweitzer.

There was nothing missing, but there is something new at the home, a nerve-racking feeling. "My son said, yes he looked up at him. I said well did he see you? He said yea he looked at me," explained Schweitzer. "I said well what did he do when he looked at you? He said he just kept looking."

Police say no one else has reported anything like it in the area, so it appears to be an isolated incident. They're asking anyone who recognizes the man in the video to call them. If it was an innocent mistake, police would like to know. If it was not, they're concerned about what could have happened, and what might happen next.

Northbridge Police asked anyone who recognizes the man to call (508) 234-6211.

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