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'A Tragic Accident': Tree Worker Killed After Touching Live Wire In Northboro

NORTHBORO (CBS) – A 25-year-old tree trimmer was killed after touching a live wire in Northboro Wednesday morning.

It happened on South Street, which was blocked off with police tape after the incident.

Northboro Death
Police investigate a death in Northboro. (WBZ-TV)

"What they saw was very tragic," said Lt. Brian Griffin of the Northboro Police Department. "His friend was trimming trees on a lift, and came in contact with hi-power lines,"

The area was closed to traffic for several hours.

"Knowing that he didn't feel pain ... is probably that's the best way to go," said Rob Field, who witnessed the accident.

Griffin said it is still not clear exactly how the worker came into contact with the wire.

There were three people on the landscaping crew that was working to trim branches for two homes on the street. One of them called 911 after the worker hit the line.


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