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North Shore School Allows Yoga Pants Back After One-Day Ban

ROCKPORT (CBS) - After facing backlash over its enforcement of a dress code ban on yoga pants, a local middle and high school has decided to take a second look at the decision.

Rockport Middle/High School Principal Philip Conrad informed students last week that the administration would begin enforcing a ban on the tight-fitting leggings after some teachers expressed concerns during a faculty meeting that the attire may be a distraction to students.

According to Rockport Superintendent of Schools Robert Liebow, the student handbook contains a clause banning "overly tight" clothing, and specifically "leggings worn as pants."

On Friday, several girls were asked to change into different clothes, and one was reportedly even sent home in order to be able to do so.

The decision was met with enough resistance that, on Monday, the school announced it was forming a committee to review the dress code. In the meantime, the ban on the popular and trendy pants will not be strictly enforced.

"This is the prudent approach to have everyone weigh in on what should be acceptable dress for school," Supt. Liebow told CBS Boston in an email.

Liebow, who emphasized the importance of enforcing rules as well as discussion of issues, seemed to be taking the minor controversy in stride.

"Rockport is an awesome school," he quipped when asked if he had any further comment about the situation.


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