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North Reading Police Perform CPR To Save Puppy's Life

NORTH READING (CBS) - The North Reading Police used CPR to save a 9 month old St. Bernard puppy that was choking.

A couple realized that their puppy was choking and ran into the police station lobby asking for help. They had just adopted the puppy the day before.

The officers quickly did a modified "Heimlich maneuver" to dislodge whatever the puppy was choking on. Then, firefighters came in with oxygen to help revive the dog.

North Reading Police Save Puppy
North Reading police officers used oxygen to help revive the puppy. (WBZ-TV)

"You don't really get trained for a dog at the academy, so the only thing going through my mind was 'Oh my God I hope I'm doing this right,'" Officer Jorge Hernandez said.

"By administering the oxygen he started to get more life in him, to where he was actually sitting up on his own," said Christopher Hadley, a North Reading firefighter and paramedic.

The puppy is recovering at the vet.

One officer pointed out that St. Bernards have a reputation as lifesavers and that they were glad that they could return the favor.

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