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North End Dog Park Reopens 6 Weeks After Closing Due To Coronavirus

BOSTON (CBS) – A dog park in Boston's North End reopened Tuesday, about six weeks after it was forced to close due to coronavirus.

Experts say it's more important than ever to keep a close eye on your pets as new guidelines are spelled out at parks.

A local dog group is warning that your dog may have a tough time readjusting and socializing after weeks in quarantine. The best thing to do is pay close attention to your dog and their body language.

Several city and state guidelines were posted at the Prince Street Dog Park Tuesday:

- A maximum of 10 people are allowed in the large dog area, five people in the small area.
- Everyone should stay at least six feet apart.
- All visitors must be able to control their dogs with leashes or voice commands to comply with social distancing guidelines.
- Common water bowls have been removed so bring your own water.
- No balls are allowed

Since there are only 10 people allowed inside at a time, people are asked to limit their time and not keep others waiting too long.

The park is also asking owners to keep the noise and barking under control to be respectful of neighbors working from home.

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