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NightSide - Dr. Allen Sack Is In Studio

BOSTON (CBS) - College athletics are a major money-making venture for many schools, especially those that play football or basketball on a national stage. With these schools bringing in millions of dollars every year, the argument that students should be paid is often countered with the fact that since they receive a free education, these students are benefiting as well. But what if these student athletes weren't actually receiving this education? A recent study of college athletes revealed that a significant percentage read between a fourth-grade and an eighth-grade level. Do you think this is an issue? Are colleges and universities exploiting these student athletes by pretending they are receiving an education? Dr. Allen Sack is President of the Drake Group, whose mission is to protect academic integrity in collegiate sports. He sits down with Dan to talk about the current situation, and how to make sure college athletes actually receive a college education.

Originally broadcast January 30th, 2014.

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