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NH State Trooper Reels In 650-Pound Tuna

RYE, NH (CBS) – A New Hampshire state trooper reeled in a massive 650 pound tuna. Nick Cyr was out fishing by himself Tuesday when he caught it.

"I was just sitting reading a book and I had two rods out," he explained. "You could tell it was a big fish."

Cyr has been tuna fishing for the past 10 years but Tuesday's tale takes the cake.

tuna catch
650 pound tuna caught off New Hampshire (Image from Nick Cyr)

"The fish yesterday, not driving the boat, it went two miles. Just pulled the boat. It'll spin the boat in circles. The sheer amount of power that fish has."

After 90 minutes in a tuna tug-of war, Cyr was no longer alone on his 24-foot boat.

"It was 109 inches and 650 pounds," he said. "Big huge eyes. A real beautiful looking fish. Once I got it in, I cooked a steak relaxed for a little bit."

Nick Cyr and the giant tuna he caught off (Courtesy image)

Back at the dock, the huge haul stole the spotlight from a returning whale watch. Now Cyr will wait for the nice big check to continue financing his favorite hobby.

"It'd be a hard way to make a living doing this. But for me it pays for the hobby. It's fun. This is like low stress for me. It's just fun to go out," Cyr said.

"That was a big one, but they've all been fun. The fish has so much power. It's impressive to watch it go."

And with great weather in the forecast there's no time to waste relishing in his latest catch. Nick will be out there in the morning, trying his luck again.

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