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Doll Mistaken For Baby In Hot Car Prompts Police Rescue

KEENE, N.H. (CBS) -- One woman's life-like baby doll looks so real, it led to a hot car rescue by New Hampshire police.

On July 23, Keene police responded to multiple calls of an infant left in a car at a Walmart parking lot.

The baby was in a real infant car seat with light blanket draped on top. The responding officer noticed the baby wasn't moving and smashed the car window and pulled her out. When he began performing CPR, he noticed the infant wasn't real.

The doll was a "reborn doll," made from silicone and detailed to replicate a real infant.

The doll's owner, Carolynne Seiffert of Brattleboro, Vermont, began collecting the dolls after her son died.

"I'd like this whole incident to have never happened," Seiffert said in a written statement. "I was excited to have this type of doll and wanted her with me."

Car window sticker (Courtesy: Carolynne Seiffert )

Seiffert created a custom sticker to put on her car window to avoid confusion in the future.

Police agreed to pay for the damages to Seiffert's car.

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