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NFLPA Will Challenge Brady Decision In Federal Court If QB Suspended For Any Games

BOSTON (CBS) -- If Tom Brady is suspended for any games for the DeflateGate mess, the NFL Player's Association is ready to put up a fight.

According to Ryan Smith, a legal analyst for ABC and ESPN, NFLPA sources told him if Brady's appeal doesn't result in complete exoneration, they will challenge the ruling in federal court.

Brady appealed his four-game suspension back on June 23 in a 10-hour hearing at the NFL offices in New York City, with commissioner Roger Goodell serving as the arbitrator.

The Wells Report deemed it "more probable than not" that two Patriots employees conspired to lower the inflation level of footballs in the AFC Championship Game. The report then determined it "more probable than not" that Brady had "was at least generally aware" of their actions.

The Patriots were penalized with the forfeiture of a first-round and fourth-round draft pick, as well as a $1 million fine. That was a punishment which team owner Robert Kraft initially disputed but eventually accepted.

It's unclear when Goodell will announce his decision on Brady's appeal, but rumors are swirling it may be released on Wednesday.

Zolak & Bertrand discuss a possible Brady ruling: 

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