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Police Still Looking For Answers After Fatal Newton Restaurant Crash

BOSTON (CBS) -- Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant, still boarded up, remains under the watchful eye of Newton Police while residents still lay flowers outside in remembrance their neighbors.

"You can't bring them back but you can do something to show the family you care," says Lilly Brown, a Newton neighbor.

His neighbor was 32-year-old Gregory Morin, one of the customers killed inside the pizzeria along with 57-year-old Eleanor Miele when an SUV came barreling through late Tuesday afternoon.

It'll be a lengthy search for answers, according to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, with so much evidence to collect.

"There's forensics of the vehicle itself, how was it functioning mechanically," said Ryan.

She said investigators still have to get inside of the building, which right now is not secure. They also have more witnesses to interview, check for any surveillance video in the area and accident reconstruction to determine how fast the car was going.

Akira Douglas was at the Dunkin Donuts across the street when it happened.

"You could see the horror on people's faces standing there and looking with everyone puzzled about what happened and why it happened," said Douglas.

The community held a vigil for the victims on Thursday, including seven others who were injured in the crash.

The District Attorney won't say if investigators have been able to interview the driver, Bradford Casler, or whether he will face charges.

"We don't know at this point. This is a full and thorough investigation to assess the cause of the crash," said Ryan.

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