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New York Times Finds Link That Lends Credence To Charlie Sly's Doping Claims To Al Jazeera

BOSTON (CBS) -- When Al Jazeera released its report accusing, among other things, Peyton Manning getting HGH shipped to his house in his wife's name, the news outlet relied on one main source: Charlie Sly.

Sly, who was recorded unknowingly when giving the information to Al Jazeera, later recanted his story. This led to many people -- and media members -- to dismiss the entire report as being false. Peyton Manning, by far the biggest name in the report, said the story was "completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage," and he dismissed Sly as a "slapstick."

Well, Michael Powell, Ken Belson and Doris Burke of The New York Times set out to find a connection with all of the athletes mentioned by Sly, and the trio found success that should lend credence to what Sly told Al Jazeera.

"Nearly all of the athletes he named are clients of Jason Riley, a fitness trainer based in Sarasota, Fla.," Powell wrote. "Here is where the story of Charles Sly becomes more intriguing. Sly is a business partner of Riley's. When Sly applied for a pharmacist license in Florida, he used Riley's home address."

According to the Times, Sly and Riley founded Elementz Nutrition, which worked with athletes such as Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Neal and Dustin Keller. All four of them worked with Riley, and all four were named by Sly in the report. Riley's most famous client, per the report, was Derek Jeter.

Curiously, as the Times noted, last week, after the Al Jazeera report was released, "Elementz Nutrition voluntarily dissolved and closed its doors."

The Times makes it clear to state that being a client of Elementz Nutrition does not necessarily link any players to HGH or PEDs. However, this link does make Sly's claims make more sense, as the athletes he discussed are not just a random collection of names.

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