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New TGL golf league postponed until 2025 due to damage to arena

Rory McIlroy on how Boston Common Golf will connect with local sports fans
Rory McIlroy on how Boston Common Golf will connect with local sports fans 01:07

BOSTON -- For the new TGL -- and "local" team Boston Common Golf, featuring league co-founder Rory McIlroy -- it's been all systems go for the launch of the new golf league in January. That launch, though, has now been postponed for another year.

The league announced on Monday that due to the roof collapsing at the league's indoor stadium in Florida, the launch of the league has been pushed back until "early 2025." 

"A failure of the temporary power system and backup systems used during construction caused the dome to deflate, which caused damage to the air-supported dome section of the site," the TGL statement said. "Following discussions with key partners, incuding players, our six team ownership groups, PGA Tour leadership and our commercial partners ... the decision has been made to postpone the starte of the TGL season until early 2025."

The league -- founded by McIlroy, Tiger Woods and executive Mike McCarley -- had locked in a number of the PGA Tour's biggest stars and was set to debut in January, filling in for Monday Night Football on ESPN once the football season concludes. The league is set to feature team competitions in an indoor setting, with a simulator used for long shots and a manipulable green for short game shots.

But the new arena suffered heavy damages last week:

And because of the schedule of the PGA Tour -- as well as ESPN's and, likely, the league's desire to not compete against the NFL -- the league won't resume until a year after its scheduled launch date.

"This decision came after reviewing short-term solutions, potential construction timelines, player schedules, and the prime-time sports television calendar," the league statement said. "Despite this new timeline for the venue, we remain excited about the future of TGL and will continue to build excitement between now and the start of the season with our players, fans and teams. We have begun to update plans and timelines and are confident that the extension will only improve our delivery."

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