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Gillette Stadium Offering Free Parking Option During Patriots Games In Effort To Ease Traffic

FOXBORO (CBS) – This year, the Patriots will be continuing a program they tested out last season in an attempt to reduce traffic around Gillette Stadium. As a result, some fans will be saving money.

Gillette Stadium will feature a "delayed exit lot" in Lot 55 that will allow fans to park for free. The catch? Cars won't be allowed to leave the lot until 75 minutes after the game ends.

Chief operating officer Jim Nolan said, "This really has two benefits, for those who want to park for free: they now can and we are the only NFL stadium to have that. For everyone else who wants to leave immediately after the game, for every car that takes advantage of free parking, it's one less car that the other folks are competing with to get out of here after the game."

Team president Jonathan Kraft came up with the plan, which is aimed at reducing notorious postgame traffic delays on Route 1. After testing the plan out last year, the free parking lot will return for 2019.

The cost to park in lots on the Gillette Stadium side of Route 1 will increase from $40 to $60 for games. Lots across the street from the stadium, however, will be reduced in cost from $40 to $30.

Early indications show fans liking the deal.

"Sounds good to me. I mean, 75 minutes, what's that? Plus you beat traffic," one man said.

Another said, "You're going to wait 75 minutes anyways or you could just go to the Pro Shop."

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