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Patriots Foundation Donates $100,000 To Help First-Generation College Students

FOXBORO (CBS) - Bottom Line, a non-profit that helps under-served students get into college, is getting a huge gift from the New England Patriots Foundation.

The organization's leaders were invited to Patriots owner Robert Kraft's office Tuesday to receive a surprise gift of $100,000. It was made possible through the Massachusetts Patriots license plate campaign, which raises money for the team's foundation.

"Words cannot even describe how surprised we were to see this huge check. And it's amazing to partner with a team that so ingrained in our community that support the work we are doing," Bottom Line executive director Ginette Saimprevil told WBZ-TV.

Bottom Line is a non-profit that supports first generation college students to get into school and graduate. Kids like 18-year-old Altawny Watson who's on his way to Boston University thanks to support from Bottom Line.

"I was really scared of the college process because neither of my parents had been to college. They didn't really know how to help me with the process, so thankfully I had Bottom Line with me I was able to learn more and adapt a lot better," Watson said.

Kraft said it's the fans who buy the license plates that really make a difference in the community. Whatever funds these plates generate the Kraft organization matches.

"We have given that to individual gifts throughout the New England region in excess of $12 million, just part of this program," Kraft told WBZ.

Bottom Line leaders also got the chance to take photos with Kraft alongside the 6 Super Bowl trophies. Fans who have the Patriots plate already can update to the 6 championships logo for free.

"Anyone new who wants to get a license plate it's a way to give back and we are proud to have you brand with us," Kraft said.

And to help serve more kids like Watson reach their goals.

"Being accepted into my dream school I'm just so happy my hard work has paid off," Watson said.

Kraft hopes more fans will get involved in the Patriots license plate initiative.

"Young people of color who are first generation, get to go to college and get the scholarship, and then come out do great things and they will remember to give back, so meeting Bottom Line is really special," Kraft said.

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