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New England Living: Tuna Ceviche Recipe From Chef Colton Coburn-Wood

BOSTON (CBS) - Host Rachel host is joined in the test kitchen by one of Boston's fastest rising young chefs. Known for his eccentric Mexican dishes, in the video above Cosmica Executive Chef Colton Coburn-Wood puts his own unique spin on a classic ceviche dish.


8 oz Tuna loin cleaned and cubed
4 cup watermelon
4 cloves garlic, charred
2 habaneros, charred
3 Tbl spoon roasted guajillo powder
2 English cucumbers, peeled and seeded. 1 of them julienned
Quarter of a red onion
1 cup lime juice
Half a jicama, cut into julienne (matchsticks)
1 bunch Dill- chopped
1 bunch Tarragon- chopped
1 bunch Scallions- sliced


  • In a hot pan or on a grill char your garlic and habaneros.
  • Put in blender along with watermelon and one of the cucumbers, red onion and ¾ of your lime juice
  • Liquify in blender and strain through fine mesh strainer
  • Season with salt
  • Pour over tuna and gently marinade
  • After 3 minutes place in bowl with leftover watermelon mixture from blender
  • Toss julienned jicama, cucumber and herbs together, making a salad and season with salt and remaining lime juice
  • Garnish tuna with salad and serve with chips
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