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New England Living: Scallops and risotto recipe from Strega Italiano chefs

New England Living: Cooking scallops and risotto with Strega chefs
New England Living: Cooking scallops and risotto with Strega chefs 05:41

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BOSTON - Strega Italiano Chefs Matt King and Jesus Arevelo join Host Rachel Holt in the Test Kitchen. In the video above, they cook risotto and scallops, and debunk a popular cooking misconception.

RECIPE: Spring Pea and Pancetta Risotto with Scallops

WINE PAIRING: Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 

Pea Puree

·       1 Cup Peas

·       1 Cup Chicken Stock

·       1 Cup Spinach

·       1 ea. Garlic clove

·       1 Tbsp Olive oil

·       1 Tbsp Chopped Shallots

·       Salt and Pepper to Taste

1.       Sweat the garlic and shallots in olive oil.

2.      Add the peas and cook for one min.

3.      Add the stock and bring to a simmer.

4.      Puree in a blender with the spinach.

5.      Season to taste with salt and pepper


·       2 Tbsp Olive Oil

·       ¼ cup Diced Pancetta

·       2 ea. Garlic Cloves

·       3 TBSP Diced Shallots

·       1 Cup Arborio Rice

·       ¼ Cup White Wine

·       3 Cup Chicken Stock

·       1/3 Stick Butter

·       ¼ Cup Parmesan

·       1 Cup Blanched Spring Peas

·       Salt and Pepper to Taste

1.      Blanch the peas in salted water, when they float, they are done. Reserve for garnish.

2.      Heat the chicken stock in a small pot.

3.      In a small pot fry the pancetta in the olive oil on high heat until crisp.

4.      Lower to medium heat and add the shallots, cooking until soft, 1 minute

5.      Add the garlic and cook until fragrant 2 minutes, do not brown.

6.      Add the Arborio rice and toast for 1-2 minutes, again do not brown.

7.      Deglaze with the white wine and reduce the heat to low. Cook until the wine is evaporated.

8.      Ad ¼ cup of the stock and mix with a wooden spoon. Repeat this process over the next 30-40 min, adding stock and cooking until the liquid evaporates and the rice becomes creamier.

9.      For creamier risotto you may want more stock.

10.  Finish by folding in pea puree, cheese, and butter.


·       Scallops, seasoned with salt and pepper cooked in butter and oil.


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