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Business Ramping Up At Massachusetts Grocery Stores Ahead Of Weekend Storm

WALTHAM (CBS) – As Massachusetts braces for a potential weekend blizzard, some shoppers hoped to avoid the long lines at the grocery store by stocking up their pantries ahead of time.

"We're overdue, but we're always ready," said one man at the Market Basket in Waltham.

Ready, whether it'll be a couple inches or feet of snow come Saturday. Many shoppers didn't want to wait until the very last minute.

"I'll never get out of here if I come any later," said Bill Biter.

The bread aisle was crowded with people and their shopping carts were filled with bottled waters and other snowstorm necessities.

"Definitely the basics – milk and eggs and water," said Agnes Budnik.

Perishable items like poultry were harder to find at some supermarkets.

"You cannot manufacture enough food right now to meet the demand at supermarkets," said one shopper.

Consumers are feeling the impacts when demand exceeds supply.

"I've seen that at the Stop 'n Shop with the dairy products," said Patricia Gallagher. "The eggs, $8-9 for eggs. All the cheeses have gone way up."

But it's the price one has to pay when winter hits.

"I am prepared," Gallagher told WBZ-TV. "I just ride it out, take it as it comes."

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