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New Boston Bike Lane Causes Confusion

BOSTON (CBS) - A new bike path in Boston designed to protect cyclists from cars is creating some confusion.

Three travel lanes were reduced to two on Beacon Street between Berkeley Street and Massachusetts Ave to create the new bike path. It places parked cars in the roadway about two feet from the curb to make the path physically allowing bikers to be separated from traffic.

"I love it, I love it, I don't want to be near cars at all I want to be separated from cars," said cyclist Lisa Shatz.

Bike Lane
Bike Lane on Beacon Street (WBZ-TV)

Not all drivers are catching on though and are parking in the wrong spot, which forces bikers to go back out into traffic.

WBZ crews had to point out the parking violation to several drivers Wednesday night.

"I'm technically in the bike lane right now I'm doing the wrong thing and in front of a hydrant as well so yes I apologize for all that," said driver Randy Golden.

Signs explaining the new bike path are posted along the roadway, but some lanes still aren't painted.

Bike lane
Car parked in bike Lane on Beacon Street (WBZ-TV)

The Boston Cyclists Union helped pushed for the new lane and is confident it'll eventually work.

"We are really looking for the city to finish this as soon as possible," said Boston Cyclists Union Executive Director Becca Wolfson.

The mayor's office did not respond to WBZ-TV's request for an update on the bike path project. Meanwhile, the City of Boston's website on the Beacon Street bike project says work is expected to resume when the weather improves.

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