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New baby sloth born at Stone Zoo 'closely attached to mom'

Stone Zoo welcomes new baby sloth
Stone Zoo welcomes new baby sloth 00:27

STONEHAM - There's an adorable new furry face at the Stone Zoo.

Zoo staff announced that a Linne's two-toed sloth was born on March 3 to parents Lunesta and Nero - their sixth child. They say the baby looks "strong and healthy" but will depend on its mother for a few months.

"Lunesta is an experienced mom and knows how to care for her growing family," assistant curator Pete Costello said in a statement. "We're excited for guests to watch the baby grow and settle in to the habitat. In the meantime, it will stay pretty closely attached to mom for a while."

The baby sloth at the Stone Zoo Zoo New England

The sloths are found in South America's tropical forests and spend just about their entire lives upside-down, holding onto branches with their claws. They can move quickly among branches but are slow and vulnerable once on the ground.

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