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'SEAL Team's Neil Brown Jr. On What Fans Can Expect From New Episodes: 'We're Going To Hit Them Upside The Head This Season'

(CBS)- SEAL Team is back with an all episode called "The Carrot Or The Stick." In this week's episode Ray Perry, played by Neil Brown Jr., is still being held captive after being caught in a bombing as the team desperately tries to save him before it's too late.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Brown about SEAL Team's latest episode, working through a pandemic and the veterans who help him get every detail down pat.

MW: Hi there Neil, nice to see you with a new episode of SEAL Team on the way. For so long we had no new TV, no new episodes, everything was put on pause. Now we're getting new episodes every single week, but I know the experience with filming was very different for all of you with protocols and all that. Now that the season is out, does it feel different to you watching it because you know what it took to make these episodes or does it all kind of feel the same at this point?

NBJ: No, it all feels the same at this point. It's interesting, anytime I watch an episode, it's like what's going on behind the scenes to get that scene is always funny to me because a lot of times it's not what you think. I look intense, but I'm actually looking at AJ Buckley behind the camera acting a fool so that stuff is all still the same.

The thing is amped up a little bit though when I watch the show because I know what it took to get that shot. The crew is so amazing and so efficient you know you don't even notice it. We've gotten quite used to the protocols and doing things by the numbers. I think it's our care for each other and care for the work.

MW: Ray, your character, is going through a bit of an odyssey right now. He was caught up in that explosion and then the team is looking for him, always seems like they're just a step behind. What do we have in store for Ray next?

NBJ: We're going to see the effects of what is to come. He's not with a preschool group, he's with some bad guys who they don't know who he is, thank God, at this point. They found an American in a suit. That is his saving grace, but I think we're going to see them put it together. We're going to see what he's really made out of and what that effect is and if Bravo can get to him in time.

One thing about it that our showrunner and our head writer who is doing amazing job with all the writers is that they elevate the drama and the fear factor. They're not afraid to push the envelope. The executive producers are like, hey we're going to hit them upside the head this season. It may not end the way you think.

MW: We've already seen that throughout the season too. There's been a ton of things that are ripping the fans hearts out every single week.

NBJ: Hey man, that's the evolution of the team, the evolution of the show. That's the thing about this show is that they constantly evolve, they can't stay the same. Jason played by David Boreanaz, can't press pause on getting older and you can only get so good for so long before father time impacts you. It's a moving train the teams are, the SEAL teams, it doesn't stop for no one. Some people can stay on for as long as they can but then eventually, they got to get off.

This season is a banger and it's a combination of everything that's led up to this. Everything from the previous three seasons and before we start the show. When you came in in the first season you were seeing a team that was already in its prime and it had already done so many great things. Then subsequently you're staying, and this is the combination of all. It will be interesting.

MW: One thing that I love about the show even more than the show itself is I know behind the scenes you employ a lot of veterans. I know you all lean on them to make sure you're shooting things respectfully and portraying things the right way. What's your experience been like working with those men and women on set?

NBJ: It's been awesome. I was raised by a Marine. My dad is a Vietnam era Marine. He gave me a great foundation. He gave me the ability to really learn from these guys. I want them to treat me like an elementary kid; tell me from the ground up.

The cool thing about that is, these guys Tyler Brady and Scott Box other producers on the show and then also on the special operators and including our crew, we have so many veterans, they inspire you to want to get it right and then the special operators like Tyler and those guys in addition to inspiring they show you how to get it right.

At one point especially during the beginning of the show, I was like I wouldn't even stand a certain way unless I asked Tyler. Like hey y'all stand like this cross your arms likes, what do you do? They're willing to go through it with you and tell you the mentality and how to look and move because one of the things about these, is how they move especially when they're on searches or during combat and how they move it's a very specific thing the way special operators. They're always a wealth of information. We're just blessed to have them and to represent them.

MW: Fantastic. It's been a pleasure talking to you. I'm a big fan of the show looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing what happens with you man.

NBJ: Thank you Matt. I really appreciate you man.

Tune in for SEAL Team on Wednesday's at 9:00 PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.

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