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Neely: 'We've Left Points Along The Way All Season'

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Boston Bruins remain on the outside of the playoff picture looking in, and they're in need of some help from other teams if they are to have a chance at reaching the postseason.

And while Tuesday's shootout loss at home to Carolina was particularly painful, Bruins president Cam Neely said the season hardly hinged on that one game.

"Well, you can look at a lot of games. It's not that particular shootout. We've left points along the way all season, games we felt like we should've won," Neely told Felger & Massarotti on Thursday. "Other teams can say the same things but it's not just that one particular shootout."

Neely joined the program just a couple of hours before puck drop in what is essentially a must-win game for Boston, and he said when it comes to watching other games and hoping for help, he feels similarly to most fans.

"I'm still somewhat superstitious, and I feel like every time I watch a game when I'm looking for a result that I want, I don't get," Neely said. "So, when you're looking for help, it's always a little bit more difficult to watch. It's difficult to watch now."

As for the Bruins' current position, Neely said he's really most frustrated with how the team has failed to finish what was a pretty good year up until a few weeks ago.

"What's been frustrating is when we started the year, everybody said, 'You've got no shot at the playoffs,' and that we're going to be one of the bottom teams in the conference. And we felt like we had a team that was going to compete. And we did," Neely said. "And then what's been so frustrating is what's happened the last couple of weeks. With 13 games left, we just haven't been able to get the job done and solidify a playoff spot."

Neely also discussed what he considers to be the reason for that slide, as well as a potential lineup change. Listen to the whole discussion below.

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