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Couple Saving Money For Wedding Offers To Shovel Snowy Driveways In Needham

NEEDHAM (CBS) -- Malayna Johnson and Michael Knox are tying the knot next summer. "We're doing everything to have a full wedding and celebrate this long journey we've gone through," said Johnson.

A journey that included nearly six years long distance, with Michael living in England. And while they legally wed in October 2021, Johnson explained, "unfortunately they had closed the borders and his parents, his mom couldn't come over for our small legal ceremony."

So the Framingham couple is saving up for the wedding day they've always dreamed of.

"We've been trying to find little odd jobs to do to kind of save money for our wedding," said Johnson.

That includes an offer to shovel driveways, walkways, and steps this weekend, to a big response after posting on Facebook Thursday night.

"Last storm, we posted it and we got a couple people. And so we saw a big storm was coming so we posted again and we got an overwhelming amount of 60 plus people reaching out to us," said Johnson, adding, "we had a lot of people kept messaging saying you should charge by the hour, charge by the size of the driveway."

The couple is starting Saturday afternoon, with a full schedule throughout the weekend. "Sunday we're starting as early as 7:30 and ending at 6pm," said Johnson.

"Gonna get a good workout in. It will be worth it," said Knox.

As of now, they're scheduled to shovel 12 driveways in Needham. They say they're fully booked, and not accepting any more requests.

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