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Lovers Of Necco Wafers Are Reportedly Hoarding The Candy In Case Revere Plant Closes

REVERE (CBS) – A world without Necco Wafers? The possibility apparently has some people terrified.

Last month, it was reported that the New England Confectionery Co. would close its plant in Revere if it can't find a buyer by May 6. Besides the iconic Necco Wafers, the plant also produces famous candies like Clark bars and heart-shaped Sweethearts.

Necco wafers
Necco Wafers (Image from @Neccobrands/Facebook)

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, wholesaler President Jon Price said hundreds of people are upset and some are looking to buy his entire inventory of Necco Wafers.

"They're shocked and scared," he told the newspaper. "They're not happy about it."

A report on called "The Great Necco Wafer Panic" claims people are panic-buying Necco Wafers in bulk. Sales are up 63 percent since the possible plant shutdown was first reported. says it has received 253 emails since March 12 asking about Necco candies. That includes 29 customers who offered to pay double or more for the candy, and one person who offered to trade a used Honda Accord for all their Necco Wafers.

The report also notes that Necco Wafers have been a divisive treat, ranking No. 4 on a recent list of the Worst Halloween Candy.

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