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NBA's Silly Season Is Here: LeBron Likes A Photo Of Kyrie In A Lakers Jersey

By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- The NBA offseason is so ridiculous that we're not just analyzing social media posts, but likes on social media. The simple click of a button can drive a fan base or two absolutely bananas.

But that's where we are, here on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, bugging out over a like on Instagram. Granted, this isn't your casual like from @JohnnyTwitterGuy, but from LeBron James. And Kyrie Irving is also involved. In a Lakers jersey.

Let the silly season commence.

Instagram user "Cuffs the Legend" posted a Photoshopped picture of Irving donning the purple and gold, and LeBron liked it. It would appear as though James is fond of reuniting with Irving in La La Land this summer, no matter how absurd the notion is.

There have been rumblings that Irving would be open to reuniting with LeBron, the man who chased him out of Cleveland just two summers ago. Irving did call LeBron during the season to get some advice on how to lead the Celtics, and that advice was apparently "Come to Los Angeles." Or so we can surmise by one single click by LeBron. Imagine the reaction had LeBron used an emoji!

It's a fairly silly practice to hypothesize how the NBA offseason will play out because of LeBron's social media activity, but that's today's NBA. It's silly and foolish, yet here we are.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go check Tom Brady's Twitter feed for another gem that will pull in great web traffic.

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