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Malden Opera Singer From Russia Raising Money For Ukraine Through Her Music

MALDEN (CBS) -- Lately, Natalja Sticco is leaning into what she knows best: music.

The opera singer has close ties to both Russia and Ukraine.

"It's very close to my heart because I was born in the USSR. I'm an ethnic Russian. And currently, I have family who lives in Russia and I have lots of friends who live in Ukraine and who are suffering," said Sticco.

Now a Malden resident, Sticco is hoping to help Ukrainian soldiers through her rendition of the song "Requiem For a Soldier."

"Play the song for at least 30 seconds and all the money we get from streaming I'm directly donating to an organization called Taps. So that's an organization supporting veterans and their families," said Sticco.

She says through her website, her song has been streamed 37,000 times in a matter of days. On top of that, she's encouraging separate donations.

"We need to do our best to support the people. We need to do our best to support the soldiers of Ukraine, who are fighting for the motherland," said Sticco.

Sticco has performed in multiple European countries as a former member of the Latvian National Opera. On Thursday, she took her talent and mission to Malden City Hall.

"She talked about love. She talked about hope. She talked about sacrifice. She talked about freedom. All of those things that maybe people take for granted," said Malden Police Chief Kevin Molis.

Whether she's performing the song in-person at Malden City Hall, or at home to an online audience, Sticco says her goal is to spread a message of peace.

"This song is a reminder to all of us. That starting with ourselves, having peace in our hearts, we can spread this peace all over around the world."

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