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Nantucket Police Investigating Reports Of Naked, 'Preppy' Nighttime Intruder

NANTUCKET (CBS) -- Nantucket police are investigating a series of incidents reportedly involving a naked and "preppy" home intruder. They occurred in the early morning hours of July 16 on Jonathan Way and Sandsbury Road.

On Jonathan Way, there were two reports of an unknown person entering homes and being discovered by residents inside. The first happened at about 1:30 a.m., where a female resident woke up and found a male intruder in her room who was said to be wearing "preppy clothing," including dark khaki shorts. It's believed he came through an open window on the first floor.

"The intruder placed his finger to his lip and said 'Shhh' and then fled the residence," police said.

A short time later, there was another report of an intruder on Jonathan Way, and this time he was naked.

"The resident awoke after he heard noises and creaking doors, he went downstairs to check on the noise and discovered the naked intruder," police said. "The intruder then fled the residence."

A 12-year-old girl in the house reported that she heard someone in her room, but didn't look, thinking it was a younger sibling.

The intruder was said to be in his late teens or early 20s with dark hair. It's not clear how he got inside.

In a third incident on nearby Sandsbury Road around the same time, a resident told police their daughter heard a knock on her bedroom window around 2 a.m., but no one got inside.

Police say the three cases were "probably related." No suspects have been identified, and there haven't been reports of similar incidents since then. There was no surveillance video or images of the intruder.

"The Nantucket Police Department would like to remind our residents and visitors that it is always a good practice to make sure that your doors and windows are secure before retiring for the night," police said. "The Department would also like to encourage residents to contact the police department anytime that any such as this occurs immediately upon discovering the intruder."


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