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Third-Grader In East Boston Tests Positive For Mumps

BOSTON (CBS) -- A third-grader at Otis Elementary School in Boston has tested positive for the mumps, the school principal told parents Friday.

"We do not believe the student has come into close contact with any students in our school who are not vaccinated. It's important to note that the mumps can only be transmitted from one person to another through close contact," said a letter from Principal Paula Cerqueira-Goncalves.

According to policies by Boston Public Schools, Boston Public Health Commission, and Department of Public Health, all students are required to show documentation that they received the MMR vaccination against mumps, measles, and rubella.

"At the Otis School, nearly all of our students have provided documentation of their vaccinations. However, a very small number of students have only provided partial documentation of vaccinations, or have not provided any records. We are contacting these families to assist them," Cerqueira-Goncalves said.

Mumps is known for causing puffy cheeks and tender swollen jaws. While it is usually mild, complications from mumps include meningitis and encephalitis.

Parents who are unsure if their child has been vaccinated should call their health care provider.

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