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It Happens Here: Muffin House Cafe making Medway 'fat and happy'

It Happens Here: Muffin House Cafe making Medway 'fat and happy'
It Happens Here: Muffin House Cafe making Medway 'fat and happy' 03:27

MEDWAY - There's a shop in Medway that makes thousands of delicious muffins every week and it's so popular they've opened more stores in nearby towns.

Sheldon Strasnick is the owner of the Muffin House Café. He's worked in a bakery since he was a kid, when his dad would take him to work.

"He just used to wake me up at midnight with him. At ten years old, I used to go to the bakery and fall asleep on the flower bags and then I stayed with it," he told WBZ-TV.

But it wasn't until he was older and a friend gave Sheldon some advice that he decided to go all in on the muffin world.

"He said to me one day, 'Sheldon, you have the best muffins around. You have to do something with them.' That's how that all started and it was my dad's recipe, I tweaked it a little bit over the years," he said.

Whatever tweaking Sheldon has done is working. He opened up the first Muffin House Cafe in Medway in 2014 and now he has four more in Hopkinton, Mendon, Natick and Westwood.

And just like his dad he's sharing the business with his family, including his son, who says the muffins are a perfect party favor.

"Actually, it's to the point where if I don't show up with the muffins, they get mad at me now. I really don't have a choice anymore, but yeah, people go ecstatic," Joshua Strasnick told WBZ.

The Muffin House Cafe is a community staple where those who enter leave knowing what they bought is going to make them feel good

"We'll be sitting having breakfast together and a little old lady will come in and say, 'You guys just have the best business. This is so awesome,'" Joshua said.

"The guilty pleasure that I give people and my best friend says, 'You are making all of Medway fat and happy," Sheldon told WBZ.

For more information on all five locations, visit their website.

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